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define Genius

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How to take a scan of your cat

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A cat scan is just as it sounds: cat + scanner = art. Just leave your scanner open and let your cat know its okay for him to sit on it. Try not to force the cat onto your scanner if he doesn't want to participate. If you want to take a cat scan of your own make sure your kitty doesn't get harmed: Do not scan your cat when his eyes are directly exposed to the bright light of your scanner.

The WRONG way to take a cat scan:

cat_scan_gone_wrong.jpgThe RIGHT way to take a cat scan:

car_scan_the_right_way.jpgHere's an example of what your cat's scan might look like:


Disclaimer: Don't blame me for any harm your kitty does to the scanner. I've never attempted to scan my own cat! I do have an extra scanner though, so I think I'll try it one of these days.

Fat Tuesday

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Q: How many cats can you put into an empty box?

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A: Only one. After that, the box isn't empty.


my damn cat

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He may look cute and cuddly, but trust me - he's a brat!

My damn cat is a purebred standard munchkin, which is pretty much the cat version of a dachshund. The gene which makes munchkin cats have short legs is a mutation, so not all munchkins are born with short legs. Those born with long legs are called nonstandard munchkins.

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